Winning Job Interviews, Revised Edition

Author:Dr. Paul Powers
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-088-9
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $12.99

“Dr. Paul Powers was the original answer man for job seekers on Monster. Winning Job Interviews prepares success-minded people for that crucial encounter with great advice, helpful tips and...a winning attitude.”—Jeff Taylor, founder and Chief Monster of
“With the wit and wisdom of experience, Powers delivers the goods. Before you step foot into your next job interview, you need to read this book!”—Cheryl Richardson, best-selling author of Take Time for Your Life
“No question, this is the best book on job interviewing I’ve read. Concrete, practical advice in a fun-to-read format.”
—Kevin Harrington, former director of career services, Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Here is one book every job hunter needs. Fast paced, with no fluff, Winning Job Interviews is packed with strategies and 
techniques that are practical, market-proven, and easy to use. Combining 30 years of career expertise with equal doses of motivation and humor, Dr. Paul Powers shows you how to:
•Overcome the “deadly dozen” roadblocks that trip up the even the most seasoned job hunter.
•Always have a great, fail-safe answer for even the most difficult interview questions.
•Have your references singing your praises.
•Get more and better job offers...and the simple phrase to help you negotiate the best deal possible.
•The job-hunting pros and cons of today’s technologies.
•Four disastrous social networking mistakes that will hurt your job hunt and career.
•How to recession-proof your job and keep your parachute packed and ready to go.
An expanded toolkit, with worksheets, flowcharts, outlines, and insider tips for the motivated job hunter, is also included in this extensively revised new edition.
Dr. Paul Powers, psychologist, author, and career expert, has helped thousands of people—from CEOs to recent grads—find and succeed in jobs they love. He advises corporations worldwide on how to select, motivate, and lead fully engaged employees with executive coaching, management team-building, and retirement planning. A widely sought-after speaker, Dr. Paul’s mission is to help others achieve a more rewarding career, a more productive organization, and a more balanced, satisfying life.  His LifeMap e-newsletter, read by thousands, is at  He divides his time between Massachusetts and Florida. Visit his website for more

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