Homework Helpers: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, Enhanced & Updated Edition

Author:Denise Szecsei
Subject:Study Guides
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-168-8
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $14.99

Now printed in two colors with added exercises and a more user-friendly format.  

Homework Helpers: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra will help build a solid mathematical foundation and enable students to gain the confidence they need to continue their education in mathematics.  Particular attention is placed on topics that students traditionally struggle with the most.  

The topics are explained in everyday language before the examples are worked.  The problems are solved clearly and systematically, with step-by-step instructions provided.  Problem-solving skills and good habits, such as checking your answers after every problem, are emphasized along with practice problems throughout, and the answers to all of the practice problems are provided.

Homework Helpers: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra is a straightforward and easy-to-read review of arithmetic skills.  It includes topics that are intended to help prepare students to successfully learn algebra, including:

  • Working with fractions          
  • Calculating percentages           
  • Graphing functions     
  • Understanding the decimal system
  • Understanding word problems
  • Solving linear equalities


Denise Szecsei earned BS degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Redlands.  She served four years as a technical instructor in the U.S. Navy before she went on to receive her doctorate degree in Mathematics from the Florida State University. She has been teaching since 1985 and is currently teaching Mathematics at Stetson University.  She is the author of Homework Helpers: Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry.

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