The Practical Negotiator

How to Argue Your Point, Plead Your Case, and Prevail In Any Situation

Author:Steven P. Cohen
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-299-9
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $15.99

“Steven Cohen’s book, The Practical Negotiator is a well-written practical guide to the art and science of negotiation. Reflecting the voice of a highly skilled negotiation trainer and mentor, this “hands on” primer offers a nuanced understanding of the benefits and opportunities resulting from an interest-based approach to negotiations. I found the author’s practical advice, offered in a concise Q and A format, to be pure gold.”
—Bennett G. Picker, Esquire, author of Mediation Practice Guide

“A treasure trove filled with golden nuggets, based on sound, practical advice and deep understanding of how best to handle negotiations. Cohen’s extensive international experience shines through, and the wide range of real-life situations covered, makes this a book to refer back to again and again.”
—Brian Gosschalk, Head of Presidents’ Office, Ipsos

“Steven Cohen’s The Practical Negotiator is a valuable addition for all of us whose tool kit is a bit light on conciliation skills—and that’s most of us.”
—Justine Hardy, author of The Wonder House and In the Valley of Mist and founder of conflict rehabilitation program, Healing Kashmir

There’s an Inner Negotiator in Everyone; The Practical Negotiator Helps You Find It.

Everyone needs to reach agreement with others, but many people are overly fearful of what they think is a complex process. In The Practical Negotiator, Cohen demystifies negotiation, offering common-sense approaches anyone can use no matter what the issue.

The Practical Negotiator provides a broad range of real-life negotiating problems faced by people in dozens of countries from every continent (except Antarctica). Each question was submitted by a real person looking for advice. The book’s down-to-earth approach will empower you to:

  • Assess your interests and strengths and find ways to build on them
  • Understand the situation and the possibilities at hand.
  • Increase your confidence in dealing with others.
  • Develop and implement simple, practical strategies to further your interests

Steven P. Cohen’s careers in government and politics, in real estate development and management, and as a negotiation consultant for many of the largest businesses in the world have given him ample opportunity to hone both his own negotiating skills and those of his clients and students. In addition to his private sector consulting, he has been a professor since the mid-1990s at Groupe HEC (Paris) and Brandeis University’s International Business School (Boston), as well as a visiting professor at other business schools in the United States and several European countries.

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