Positively Resilient

5 1⁄2 Secrets to Beat Stress, Overcome Obstacles, and Defeat Anxiety

Author:Doug Hensch
ISBN-13: 978-1-63265-061-0
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $15.99

"Doug has captured the antidote for society's major issue of stress and anxiety. Practical, easy to read and a must read for everyone."
—Bob Rosen, CEO of Healthy Companies International and author of New York Times best-seller Grounded

"To-the-point and extremely practical—I read this as a busy parent, a consultant, and a small business owner. It gave me perspective on modern life, and has made me more effective every step of the way."
—Stephanie Cutter: Partner, Precision Strategies, and former advisor to President Barack Obama
"Mr. Hensch's well written book riddled with stories of real world people provides interesting insight into how one benefits from a resilient way of thinking in all aspects of life. More to the point, the book provides a thoughtful guide to happiness."
—John Wood, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Telos Corporation

What is resilience? Is it just a fancy way to characterize a hopeful, upbeat personality or a positive spirit of never giving up? In Positively Resilient, Doug Hensch aims to take a different look at what turns out to be a much richer and deeper concept than just bouncing back from adversity.

Martin Seligman, considered the father of positive psychology, has likened resilience to clearing the weeds from a rose garden, which can only reach its potential if the weeds are kept in check. Human beings face “weeds” of their own: Layoffs, health issues, stock market crashes, threats of terrorism, and natural disasters are all too common. Americans are busier, more stressed, and more anxious and depressed than they were during the Great Depression.

Based on more than 40 years of research and 20 years of professional experience, Positively Resilient will help you discover:

  • How any efforts toward personal change can be enhanced using several simple steps.
  • That being psychologically flexible is critical to thinking through the mountain of information we receive every day.
  • How to incorporate mindfulness and curiosity into your life.
  • How our emotions help us to navigate our environment.
  • Why true support and connection are critical to being resilient.

Doug Hensch is a certified executive coach, consultant, and corporate trainer. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a master of education degree from Temple University. Dr. Martin Seligman, Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, referred to Hensch as one of his “most talented young colleagues.” Dr. Seligman and Hensch worked together to develop a website that helped thousands increase their resilience and well-being.Hensch has created workshops that focus on resilience, strengths, well-being, and goals. He lives and works in Leesburg, Virginia.


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