Encyclopedia of Job-Winning Resumes

*400 Proven Resumes for All Fields *40 Cover Letters That Get Attention *30 Resumes for Difficult Situations

Author:Myra Fournier and Jeffrey Spin
ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-871-1
Pages: 576
Dimensions: 7 x 10 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $17.99

“The most user-friendly resume resource available. Whatever your
background, this book will help you write a winning resume.”
—Job Bank USA

“A unanimous ‘thumbs up’! A wonderful resource for job seekers.”
—DBM (largest outplacement company in the U.S.)

Encyclopedia of Job-Winning Resumes, Third Edition is the most helpful and
comprehensive resume book you can buy. It includes more than 400
success-proven resume examples that teach you how to personalize your
resume according to your own unique career situation. The 17 chapters
contain resumes that cover all major industries, span every job level from
entry-level to CEO, and are helpfully arranged by both job field and title to
make it easy for you to quickly locate the resumes that address your
particular field or situation.

The first chapter—“The Essentials of Writing Your Resume” —is as
informative as it is brief. It includes expert advice about what information to
include in your resume, what to omit, what to emphasize, and what to tone
down. For a quick start, it’s specifically designed to keep reading to a
minimum so you can start sending out your resume as soon as possible.

The second chapter, devoted to creating hard-hitting cover letters, includes
40 examples that cover a wide variety of typical career situations. And for
those not-so-typical career situations, the next chapter includes 30 resumes
that cover difficult circumstances such as frequent job changes, gaps in
employment, layoff, lack of experience, weak education, and many more. For
students, there's also a chapter containing 40 resumes to help new
graduates enter the work force more quickly and easily.

There are helpful hints located beneath each resume, showing you the right
way to quickly create a job-winning resume that will get attention and win you
an interview. The last chapter includes a Recommended Reading list and a
Recommended Web Site list.

Whatever your age, industry, career, level of experience or education, you’ll
find the resume template you need!

In 1980, Myra Fournier and Jeff Spin founded A Lasting Impression, a highly
successful resume writing and career development firm located in the Greater
Boston area. In 1990, they jointly developed ResumExpert, a top-rated and
best-selling resume-writing software for the Macintosh computer.

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